Download Mp3: David East – Wit Me

Download Mp3: David East – Wit Me


Mad n!ggas crossed me , you ’ d have thought I had the
Pope wit ’ me
Where I’ m from made me numb , ain ’ t no lines of coke
in me (None )
It used to be Corona , Heineken , now it ’ s Patron , Henny
I used to be in spots bagging the rock , I made my own
I’ m from a cold city (Cold ) , where my auntie wouldn’ t
want us out late , scramblin ’ , tryna get us a plate
Baggin’ up , sellin ’ shake , I seen my neighbor wit ’ a
needle , how that medicine taste ? ( How ?)
He said this medicine great

Here is David East with a new hip – hop song , “ Wit
Me ” .

letting y ’ all know in “ Wit Me ” .


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