A Time Of New Development And Growth

Spring is here again, and the Light is returning. We experience longer days than nights, warmer weather, and vibrant green color returns to our vision as trees bud, grasses grow, and flowers emerge from winter hibernation. With spring comes change in our health and everyday living.

Spring is the time of Liver and Gallbladder systems. These represent the Wood element. It is a time of new development and growth. Just as new growth on a tree grows toward the sun we need to have direction and purpose for our growth in order to bare fruit. Without purpose and direction, growth can be scattered. The wood element tends to move upward in the body so watch out for irritability, a “hot head” or uncontrolled outbursts. Symptoms of premenstrual tension, muscle or tendon pain can also be experienced with Wood energy out of balance.

You can use your breath to help direct creative energies into productive pathways and to help move the energy back down. A great breathing technique for the spring is the “S” breath. Inhale for a count of 5 to the belly, hold for count of 2, then exhale using the sound “S” for a count of no less than 7 up to 15. This helps us contain and moderate uncontrolled liver/ gallbladder energies. Acupuncture can also be very helpful in clearing stagnant or aimless liver energy.

One of the liver’s jobs in our bodies is detoxification. With the liver’s energies at the highest in spring, this is the best time of year for a cleanse or detoxification. Our bodies have adapted over the generations to have this be a time of cleaning. Nature provides the perfect opportunity by making field greens and sour fruits to help support this process. Spring cleaning in all realms, from our houses to our bodies, supports the transition from days of dark cold to warm sun.

We are pleased to offer a great three-week Cleanse and detox program at Mountain Sage. Please call Laura at (435) 655-SAGE (7243) for more information or to sign up.

Two things to be especially conscious of during spring months are the wind and undirected energy. Wind acts randomly and is ever present in our environment during the spring. The shift from cold to warm stirs things up, internally with our emotions and externally with the wind. Again, use your breath to direct and transform internal emotions. For the external wind, protect yourselves by keeping your wind gates covered on windy days. Wind attacks the upper part of the body, so wearing hats and scarves will help you avoid spring viruses and colds. Also be sure to protect your outer thighs. If you do contract a wind-cold invasion (headache, runny nose, chills, cough), acupuncture is very helpful. We also have some herbal remedies to help.

Dr. Brad continues to teach Tai Chi and Qi Gong on Mondays at 2:00 at the PC MARC, for anyone interested. (The time and day of his class may change this summer, so please check with the PC MARC).

Once again, I am filled with gratitude for each of you; for the courage you bring to life, for your presence, for entrusting me with your care. I am continually amazed by your stories, by your journeys through life and for the commitment each one of you makes to your health and well-being.

For those of you going through especially challenging times right now, please know that my thoughts are with you, remember to breathe deeply and cultivate an attitude of appreciation and gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Spring! Finally. The Light is here, old emotions are emerging, the liver and gallbladder energy is bursting forth. Please heed Brad’s advice on cleansing, and come in for acupuncture or herbs if you feel you are stuck or need some additional support. Get outside in Nature as often as you can, move that Liver energy and breathe!

Things continue to go well at the Mountain Sage clinic, we are busy and I appreciate your patience when trying to get in for an appointment. Laura is doing an incredible job managing both the front and back office, and we are really grateful for her. The new website is close to being launched, so stayed tuned.

I am receiving and listening to feedback from you. I am hearing that I am charging too little for my services and that you are concerned about my welfare. With that feedback and the reasons stated below, starting May 15th, we are changing the services we offer and the manner in which we offer them.

1) Brad and I are realizing that we charge 1/3 to 1/2 of what our colleagues are charging as Naturopathic Physicians and Chinese Medicine Practitioners. While we want to keep our prices low to support each of you on your journey to health, we feel it is time to align our prices more with the market standard.

2) I have been using the Chiren in my practice to treat patients in addition to the other healing modalities. Currently we are paying off the cost of training and the instrument each month, but have not raised prices to account for the added modality.

3) We would like to offer a broader range of services so that they can be more specific to meet your individual needs. The services and pricing are as follows:

Pricing as of May 15, 2014
– 75 minute Naturopathic consult with Acupuncture (our standard treatment, allowing time for check-in, symptom discussion, tongue and pulse diagnosis, doctor recommendations): $175
– 60 minute acupuncture (new symptoms, check-in, tongue and pulse diagnosis): $150
– 45 minute acupuncture (for established conditions, time only for tongue and pulse diagnosis and no Naturopathic consult): $125
– Double-booking acupuncture: tongue and pulse diagnosis, needle placement, Doctor sees another patient while the needles are in: $100 for Dr. Babbie
– New Patient Initial visit, Naturopathic consult and Acupuncture (1 hour, 45 minutes): $250
– 75 minute Dao Qi with Dr. Brad: $175
– 75 minute Chiren with Dr. Babbie: $195
– 90 minute Chiren, Acupuncture and Naturopathic consult with Dr. Babbie: $225
– 60 minute Naturopathic consult (adult): $180
– 30 minute Naturopathic consult (adult): $105
– 30 minute Naturopathic consult (children 12 and under): $60
– 15 minute Naturopathic consult (children 12 and under): $45
– IV Therapy (standard): $175
– Prolonged IV: additional $60
– IM injection: $30
– Blood Draw: $25

We understand that for some of our patients, these prices may pose an obstacle to receiving treatments. Please know that we never want to turn someone away because of financial hardship. For that reason, we offer a sliding scale program for patients who are experiencing financial difficulty. Please contact Laura at (435) 655-SAGE (7243) if you feel this applies to you, or feel free to contact me directly at (435) 659-0307.

We have some amazing practitioners at the clinic that we are happy to endorse:
– Scot Erikson continues to offer structural integration.
– Luanne Stephens offers massage and psychic readings.
– Nancy and Mike Garbett offer executive coaching and shamanic healing.
– Thad Jacobs is here on Saturdays and offers Naturopathic care and acupuncture, focusing on Prolotherapy and Mesotherapy.
– Mary Christa Smith offers shamanic healing sessions.
– Jessica Stobaugh offers Reiki and energy healing.

The clinic continues to prosper, thanks to each of you and your referrals. Please know that we are so grateful for your patronage, and are always open to feedback about how we can serve you better.

Enjoy the spring, plant a garden, breathe, cleanse, and think happy thoughts. Eat foods that are in season, stay up a bit later, drink a lot of good water and maintain a happy balance of work, play and love. Please know that we are sending each of you an abundance of love and gratitude. It is an honor to serve you.

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